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H.C. Harold Orchard

5824 Willis Gap Road
Ararat, VA  24053
Map Directions to H.C. Harold Orchard
Phone: 276-251-5445
Contact: Harry Harold

Harold Orchard is located on Willis Gap Road in the community of Ararat, VA. They grow cherries, peaches and apples. "THERE'S NUTTIN' LIKE MOUNTAIN GROWN"

Harold Orchard is located in a very scenic portion of Patrick County, VA. Fruit trees line the ridges. A beautiful site at anytime of the year.

Ripening Dates:

Cherries: June 5-July 1

Peaches: Free Stone Varieties, July 20-Aug. 5, including Summergold, Redglobe, Majestic, Contender, Sunbright
Aug. 8-Aug. 28, J. H. Hale, Redskin, Jerseyqueen, Monroe and Georgia Bell

Apples: July 15 - Lodi, July 20-Aug. 20 Summer Rambo, Aug. 20 - Gala
Sept. 1, Red Delicious & Golden Delicious
Sept. 15, Romes, Mutsu, & Magum Bomans
Sept. 20, Staymans & York More Photos  (click to enlarge):

Cherry Blossoms-Harold Orchard-Ararat, VA

Peach Blossoms-Harold Orchard-Ararat,VA

Harold Orchard on Willis Gap Road, Ararat, VA

Harold Orchard-Willis Gap, Ararat, VA

Cherries Ready For Harvest-Harold Orchard-Ararat
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