Patrick County Chamber of Commerce, Stuart, Virginia

New Business Launch Program~ 2022 Class will be in the Fall

Are you thinking about opening a business in Patrick County or the Town of Stuart? You have the passion, but you need the skills to make your business successful. Here’s the program for you! Patrick County Chamber of Commerce is launching its application process for the PCVA Business Builders program for 2022. PCVA Business Builders is an entrepreneurial mentoring program with an intensive eight-week entrepreneurial boot-camp for startups. The application is competitive and requires that applicants agree to the program guidelines, including a “pitch night.” July 15, 2022 is the application deadline.

This program will give you the skills to start and manage a successful business in Patrick County. The eight-week program will include topics on licensing and permitting, taxes, financial plans, and business structuring. Due to restrictions, this round will be help virtually on Tuesday nights. This program is made possible by a grant with Patrick Henry Community College, which facilities the boot-camp. Other partners that are assisting with funding for award money are Clark Gas and Oil and AEP. Additional partners are the Longwood Small Business Development Center and Patrick County Tourism. More partners and funding are being secured and announced later.

Application due July 15, 2022

Classes start August 2 at 6:30pm at P&HCC Patrick County Site for 8 weeks

Pitch Night: October 11, 2022

.ocx  2022 Application

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