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Healthy Patrick County

May 14, 2020

Needing input from agencies, churches and organizations that provide services for Patrick County.

The Patrick County Chamber of Commerce is part of the Healthy Patrick County, a coalition led by the Virginia Department of Health- West Piedmont District. The mission of the coalition is for every person in Patrick County to have a fair and equitable opportunity to achieve optimal health. To this end, the group has worked for over two years in accessing the need of the health in Patrick County. During this time, it was discovered that while we are lacking some fundamentals to help obtain optimal health, many resources currently exist. To that end, the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce is working on one aspect for this project: to obtain all information regarding the currently offered resources in our county. We have started an online survey for agencies, organizations, churches, and non-profits to fill out to let us know what services they offer. We will be using this data to compile a booklet that will be available both in a digital format and a printed format. Currently, we are asking agencies to fill out the form. To access the form, please visit the Chamber of Commerce Website at or call the office 694-6012.